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Though resignation statistics are at an all-time high, you can lead, inspire, and retain your team  —  and achieve unprecedented success!

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Effective Remote Teams: How to Lead Yourself and Your Team to Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes Without Burning Out


Meet The Author

Seven years ago, Tina Paterson was suffering from pneumonia in a hospital emergency room — seriously ill and miserable. Her illness was caused by long hours at work coupled with stress, burnout, and self-neglect.

This health crisis was the catalyst that changed everything!
Fast-forward to today, and Tina has pioneered the solution to create the freedom to have a successful career, better health, and deep personal satisfaction and fulfillment outside of work.

Over 20 years, Tina has helped thousands of leaders worldwide dispel the entrenched notions of time and effectiveness in the office. Instead, she teaches leaders how to be EVEN MORE productive while working from anywhere and leading successfully with flexibility.

Tina's clients include Amazon, Microsoft, GE, and Sky. She has led large departments, governed billions of dollars of assets, and steered teams to deliver transformation programs and projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tina is a wife and mother, a multiple marathon runner, and million-dollar charity fundraiser. She takes three-month family sabbaticals every five years, runs a successful business with clients across six continents, and nurtures 10,000+ blog followers.  

Corporate Culture Pioneer
Author of Effective Remote Teams

I SHARE EVERYTHING I’VE LEARNED you don’t have to make the same mistakes 
Effective Remote Teams: How to Lead Yourself and Your Team to Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes Without Burning Out
Hello! I’m Tina Paterson, and I’m glad you’re here. We've experienced a massive, global paradigm shift that has changed how business is done and how teams interact.

Today, leaders will either evolve or get left behind. There is no going back to the old days. You no longer can lead your team by watching over them or expecting them to be in the office at all hours. Leaders like us simply can’t do business as we once did and expect the same success.

With resignation statistics at an all-time high, the only way to emerge from this chaos is to accept that everything has changed.

Effective Remote Teams is your solution to leading, connecting with, and inspiring your team to show up as their whole selves — and contribute at a level even greater than before.

It's your choice. As as leader you will either see this profound global shift as the most significant opportunity of your career, or you'll be left behind. Which leader will you choose to be?

The outcome could be beyond your wildest dreams!

To Your Leadership Success,

Tina Paterson
Corporate Culture Pioneer
Author of Effective Remote Teams

“Tina's content is practical, compelling, and real."

Ewa Priestley
Global Talent Development Director, OLX Group
“We have engaged Tina at OLX group recently to help our senior HR leaders amplify their 'work smarter not harder' approach. Tina is such a ball of amazing energy and a huge inspiration on how to get this balance right. I would highly recommend her pragmatic, no-nonsense but kind attitude. Wonderful human and a must for everyone to meet! Thank you, Tina!”
Rana Mukhaimer
Senior HR Business Partner, Amazon
“I had the pleasure of working with Tina for Amazon on tips and strategies for Working from Home. She was an exceptional speaker with excellent tips and examples. The team loved her engagement and ability to connect with the audience. I highly recommend inviting Tina to company sessions when it comes to working smarter from home and providing productivity tips for work. We look forward to working with Tina in the near future.”
Gareth Andrews
Head of Product
“I've been lucky to have coaching sessions from Tina recently on How to Work Smarter and How to Look After Yourself. The sessions were great with a relaxed feel where I could share my experiences easily as well as listen to Tina's expertise and implement the practical strategies provided. Tina herself was superb and I'd thoroughly recommend her coaching to others.”
Kylie Lewis
Head of Customer Experience
“Tina really changed my thinking ... I feel like I'm more present when I'm at work and I don't feel guilty about it. I'm more present when I'm with my family and I don’t feel guilty about it.”
Lisa Brookman
Head of Culture, Leadership and Learning
“Tina's content is practical, compelling, and real. In times such as this her authenticity makes it shine. I recommend Tina's many skills to any organization who seeks to provide that 'something else' to support their people. That something else is care. We look forward to more of Tina's wisdom.”
Cameron Thomas
“Tina is an inspirational and strategic business leader. One of the many things that impressed me about Tina was the way she role models and supports with flexible working (outcomes over hours in the office) and work/life balance. For anyone looking for an exceptional leader who brings out the best in people, you want to work with Tina!”

"Tina is an absolute professional in every sense and has a genuine care factor for work she presents."

“Her quick mind is brimming with theory, data, strategy, and lived wisdom which she delivers with a blend of authenticity and energy. Tina is one of those rare presenters who makes you think, reflect, and grow via the numerous light bulbs that spark during her presentations. Her passion for helping people achieve the most out of their day is evident at every turn. As a direct result of Tina’s sessions, I have wrangled in some of my unproductive habits and I have learnt to be a little kinder on myself. Thank you so much, Tina, for shining a light on working smarter — not harder.”
Kate Nelson
Learning Business Partner

"But Hey - Don't Take My Word For IT!"

Rachel Scheel
SVP Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
"How leaders lead is so critical to a company's success. Our managers truly valued Tina's contribution."
Mithran Naiker
Chief Technology Officer, Transurban
"Amazing results in just six months. We are having more fun as a team."
Guneet Sawhney
General Manager
"I would have been absolutely lost without Tina's practical advice."

Here Are A Few Secrets You'll Discover In The Book

It’s A Sneak Peek At What’s Inside! 
  • How you can EXCEED YOUR OWN LEADERSHIP EXPECTATIONS leading a remote team, even if you've led only onsite employees for your entire career.
  • Why WHAT YOU DO is more important than WHAT YOU KNOW if you want to set up your business and your remote employees for success.
  • Why our society will never return to its pre-COVID state, and how this CAN AND SHOULD IMPACT your leadership decisions in a HUGE WAY.
  • How you can take small, easy steps to insulate yourself from the GREAT RESIGNATION.
  • What actions you can take that will make working for you a DREAM COME TRUE for your employees, no matter where they choose to work.
  • How adopting the OUTCOMES OVER HOURS mentality can be the key to top effectiveness for your employees and the most success for your business.
  • Why yesterday's methods may help you and your remote employees succeed TODAY, but may not be the right direction for success TOMORROW!
  • What KEY BEHAVIORS AND CHARACTERISTICS can set you apart and propel you as an remote leader (and yes, they CAN be learned).
  • How to acquire the BEST MINDSET that can help you remain confident and sure of a successful future in this new workplace normal.
  • How important YOUR DAILY DECISIONS are to your ultimate success.
  • What the VERY FIRST THING is that you must assess if you want to achieve TOP BUSINESS SUCCESS with a remote team.
  • How to PERCEIVE BURNOUT before you can even spot the signs of it (and what a FROG has to do with it!)
  • What key factors, such as WHAT DRIVES THE MOST VALUE and WHAT ENABLES THE MOST VALUE, fit into the equation when establishing your remote processes.
  • How AGILE PRACTICES can transform your personal and leadership effectiveness and cause MOTIVATION TO SKYROCKET among your employees.
  • Why TRUST is important (and why a lack of it can SEND YOUR EMPLOYEES OUT THE DOOR).
  • How the ALWAYS ON culture affects leading a virtual team, and leading yourself.
  • Why determining WHAT DRIVES VALUE must be the foundation for the wisest remote team decisions.
  • Why BEING PROACTIVE and NOT RESPONSIVE can help you keep your life balanced (and how THE WATER YOU CARRY plays into this!).
  • How NUDGES and MICROHABITS can guide you to achieve crucial life change.
  • Why NONNEGOTIABLES must be part of your daily habits.
  • What simple DAILY PRACTICE is like a WONDER DRUG — and how you can best leverage it (every single day!)
  • How to leverage CHECK-INS to ensure success and happiness for your employees.
  • How to implement ONE SIMPLE GIFT to your employees that studies have linked to a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in turnover risk, and a 75% reduction in sick days (and no, IT CANNOT BE BOUGHT!).
  • Why seasoned leaders can benefit from REVERSE MENTORING — and how to accomplish it. 
YOU can ensure your business will THRIVE despite a profound global, work-from-home shift— and your employees will SUCCEED IN THEIR JOBS beyond those work-from-the-office days.


The answers to help you CRUSH IT as a remote leader are all in the book. Buy your copy today! 

Get Your COPY Of

Effective Remote Teams

Your copy of Effective Remote Teams will be delivered to your doorstep, PLUS you'll receive immediate access to the Digital eBook, all for USD $29.97.
Effective Remote Teams: How to Lead Yourself and Your Team to Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes Without Burning Out
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